When selling your home, the listing photos are the first impression potential buyers will see. It is imperative that your home look as clutter-free and well maintained as possible.
Curb Appeal
Mow and edge lawn, weed flower beds, rake leaves, trim branches. Sweep or blow debris from driveways and walkways.
Clean and declutter patio and deck areas. Remove outdoor furniture that is not in good shape. Give the pool a professional cleaning. Remove and store hoses and gardening tools.
Move cars out of driveway and from the street in front of house. Move trash and recycling bins to areas that won’t be photographed.
Living Spaces
Declutter coffee tables and end tables. Remove small picture frames, family photographs, and newspapers/magazines. 
Straighten lampshades. Fluff and smooth throw pillows. Straighten and smooth floor rugs. Hide electrical cords.
Create a larger space by removing excess furniture, if possible.
Clear and clean kitchen countertops. Remove and store small appliances.
Remove magnets, photographs, and children’s drawings from refrigerator. Remove any items stored on top of the refrigerator.
Straighten chairs around tables and stools around bar areas. Remove kitchen rugs and mats.
Make beds as neatly as possible. Remove personal items from bedside tables. Remove items under beds that may show in photos.
Remove and store children’s toys, laundry hampers, etc. Remove posters/stickers from walls.
Remove any unnecessary furniture or bulky items that detract from the space.
Remove shampoo, soap, razors, toothbrushes, and medicines from countertops and tubs.
Remove all rugs from bathrooms. Take down hanging bath towels, bath robes, etc. Put toilet lids down.
Remove lime and water marks from faucets, sinks, and tubs. Clean floors, wall tile, and mirrors.
Switch on all available lights. Replace any non-working light bulbs. Consider using higher wattage bulbs to brighten up dark spaces.
Open all drapes, blinds, and curtains. Hide unattractive views with semi-sheer curtains.
Turn off all screens (TV’s, computer monitors, etc.)
Store papers/mail out of sight
Remove records and certificates with names (diplomas, etc.)
Remove and store excess religious or political items
Pet Items
Remove pet food and water bowls.
Store pet beds and toys out of view.
Move animals to another location (consider boarding for the day).

If you will take the time to follow the recommendations above, it will make the photography process go more smoothly and your home’s photos more enticing.
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