Frequently Asked Questions

For vacation rental photos in East Tennessee

When will I receive my photos?
Generally, photos and floor plans are emailed within 2 business days of the shoot. 

Do I need to be present for the photo shoot?
It's actually preferable that no one be present for the shoot. In our experience, if you are staying at the cabin when we arrive, it will not be ready for photos.
To get the best images possible, we strongly suggest that you schedule for a day when the cabin will be clean, vacant, and ready for photos.
If the property is actively being rented, do not schedule on a turnover or check-out day.

What kind of staging is included?
Complimentary staging includes setting the dining table, pool table/game table set up, open/turn on the hot tub, and vignettes with coffee mugs. For custom staging requests, please request a quote before scheduling an appointment. 
NOTE: Due to recent guidance from Airbnb, we make every attempt to stage with items found on property. We no longer recommend staging with food or beverages unless they are provided to every guest.

Do you include drone photos?
Aerial photography is always included if it is practical at your property. Here are a few reasons why you might not receive drone photos:
- Your cabin is completely surrounded by trees or power lines
- Your cabin is in an area in which drone flights are not permitted (near the PF airport, adjacent to the National Park, etc.)
- If the wind is gusting higher than 20mph

What if it's raining during my appointment?
The Great Smoky Mountains area is a temperate rain forest receiving about 100 inches of rain each year. If it is raining steadily when we arrive, we will reschedule your appointment as soon as possible.
In the case of snow, we will follow the Sevier Co. Schools inclement weather policy. If schools are closed, we will assume the roads are not safe and your appointment will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?
Use the link in your confirmation email to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If you can't find a date that works, please email us.

How/when do I pay you?
We will email you an invoice at the same time we email your edited photos. You can pay online by credit card, electronic debit, PayPal or Apple Pay. If you prefer Venmo, we can make arrangements for that as well.

What if I need a few updated photos later?
It is common to do return trips for updated photos (renovations/new furniture, new hot tub, seasonal views or decor). Partial shoots are $150 for the trip and $15 per photo.